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I am a professional trainer, coach and consultant with 29+ years of experience in management and sales.

I develop and deliver to my clients tailor-made training sessions with focus on developing communication and management skills for leaders and business executives. I design practical trainings of sales and communication skills for sales people of all types.

Furthermore I assist as personal coach on 1 to 1 basis. In this role I help managers or key specialists on different levels to find the best way to fulfill their professional goals, to define their strenghts and to unfold their personal potential.

As consultant I focus on change management, HR potential, sales management and CRM.

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I am author of the book "Professional telephone calling" (published in Czech, original title "Profesionální telefonování"). It was published in February 2017 and is available on KOSMAS.CZ e-shop.

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In August 2020, I published my second book "Manager as a second profession". (published in Czech under the title "Manažer jako druhé řemeslo"). It is designed for all team leaders who did not graduate from a management school but are managing a team anyway. 

Available in e-shop KOSMAS as well as e-shop .

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In 2017 I have founded a training company AZ SKILLS s.r.o.


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    Nobody´s perfect.
    We are the ones we are waiting for.
    To deliver the best result I can.
    The rescue of a drowning person is the matter of the drowning person.

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